Ways to Improve Orthodontic Outcomes

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Receiving orthodontic treatments can do wonders for our oral health; it can significantly improve the overall appearance of our smiles and repair severe structural issues like an overbite, underbite, or crossbite.

Committing to such a process is a big deal as it requires a large commitment regarding your time, effort, and money. Therefore, taking additional measures to ensure that your orthodontic treatment is as effective as possible, is important.

To learn more about orthodontics in Devon, come into our local dental practice.

What is Orthodontistry?

Orthodontistry is a well-known dental specialty that focuses on aligning your teeth and correcting problems with your jaw and bite. These dental professionals possess in-depth knowledge of your oral and facial anatomy and are required to complete additional schooling compared to general dentists.

Receiving braces, whether they are traditional metal ones, ceramic, lingual (meaning your brackets and arch wires are installed behind your teeth), or Invisalign trays, is not exclusive to any one population. It’s never too late to remedy your teeth and obtain the smile of your dreams. Such a process typically lasts between twelve to eighteen months.

For more information about this, reach out to a dentist near you. They’ll be able to refer you to an orthodontist who will examine your teeth and gums and be able to identify the most treatment type based on your unique case.

The Process of Receiving Orthodontics

When you come in to undergo orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will begin by closely examining your mouth as well as taking some x-rays. This helps them establish an accurate a current picture of your oral health. It also allows them to determine the extent of care that you need.

Next, molds will be taken of your top and bottom row of teeth. These are sent to an external dental lab where your braces or your clear aligner trays will be made. It takes a few weeks for your orthodontic device to be made and once it is, you’ll return for a second visit to receive them.

You’re required to return to see your orthodontist for periodic checkups so they can monitor your oral health and make any necessary adjustments so that your progress continues.

How to Improve Orthodontic Outcomes

For many people, receiving orthodontic treatment is not quite as cut and dry. Sometimes, extra measures need to be taken to make sure that you achieve the results that you desire. In most instances, this entails tooth extraction. This procedure may be mandatory if:

  • Your mouth is overcrowded. One of the main reasons that people get braces is to straighten their smiles. If there’s no room in your mouth for your teeth to shift, this won’t be possible.
  • You have impacted teeth. This means that one or multiple teeth are rubbing or grinding against another. Partially or completely erupted wisdom teeth are common culprits. Such teeth need to be removed, otherwise, you’ll experience problems with your bite, and an infection can bloom.
  • Your teeth are protruding. This specifically applies to your front teeth. While tooth extraction is always needed in this case, if your tooth has grown at an angle that blocks the movement or impedes the growth of another, it will most likely need to be pulled by your dentist in Devon.

Furthermore, missing one or more teeth can also pose a challenge. Even though braces help smooth out your smile, such a process can’t replace missing teeth. Your remaining teeth could end up shifting in to fill in these gaps, which can render your orthodontic treatment ineffective.

Looking for convenient, reliable treatment for orthodontics near you? At Devon Dental Associates, we’ve got you covered! Our staff is here to help you on your dental journey and make sure you’re comfortable every step of the way. Come in, call, or visit our website to book an appointment to get started today!