Tooth Extractions Near You

While our dentists will do everything they can to keep your natural teeth in your mouth for as long as possible, tooth extraction is sometimes unavoidable. While the thought of getting a tooth extracted can be scary and overwhelming, tooth extractions are a very common and necessary procedure for many individuals. At Devon Dental Associates, we offer both simple and surgical tooth extractions in Devon.

Tooth Extractions in Devon

When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

While your natural teeth are always best, sometimes, you must get tooth extractions to protect your oral health. Here are the most common scenarios in which tooth extractions are necessary:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • A tooth that has broken below the gum line
  • Preparing your mouth for orthodontic treatment
  • Advanced gum disease

Types of Tooth Extractions

At Devon Dental Associates, we offer two types of tooth extractions:

Simple extractions- are performed on those who have a damaged or infected tooth above the gum line that needs to be extracted. During this procedure, our dentist in Devon will numb the area around the tooth and use a special tool to gently wiggle it back and forth until it is loose enough to lift out of the socket.

Surgical extractions- are done on those with impacted wisdom teeth or who have teeth that have broken underneath the gums. To perform a surgical tooth extraction, our dentist near you will provide you with a local anesthetic before making a small incision in your gums to access and remove the tooth. They will then clean out the area before suturing it closed.

When you visit Devon Dental Associates for problems with a tooth, our dentist will perform an examination to determine if you require tooth extractions and what type they need to be.

Healing After a Tooth Extraction

It is normal to experience a small amount of discomfort following a tooth extraction, regardless of the type of extraction you get. In many cases, over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen are enough to keep your pain under control. It is also normal to experience a small amount of tenderness and swelling for the first couple of days following your extraction. Ensure that you continue to follow your dentist’s instructions to heal properly and quickly.

Interested in Tooth Extractions Near You?

At Devon Dental Associates, our team of dedicated dental professionals offers both simple and surgical tooth extractions near you. We prioritize your oral health above all else and will work with you to provide the best treatment for your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us and book a consultation today.