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We’re all familiar with a general dentist – or, at least, we all claim to be. When someone says the term “dentist”, what comes to mind? That notorious dental chair? Teeth cleaning? Fluoride? While such images are indeed correct, general dentists do so much more than that, a truth that many of us may not necessarily realize.

Our local dental clinic provides general dentistry in Devon; so, if you have questions about treatment processes, or you’re looking to book a consultation with a member of our team, give us a call to get started!

General Dentistry 101

What is general dentistry?

Dentistry is a distinctive form of health care that encompasses a number of sub-specialties and areas of focus in order to help patients address their needs more effectively.

Noted below are just some of the types of dentistry that are offered to patients at the majority of dental clinics:

• General.
• Cosmetic.
• Restorative.
• Pediatric.
• Orthodontics.
• Endodontics.
• Periodontics.

Looking at general dentistry more specifically, this term is frequently interchanged with family dentistry. This is because a wide array of treatments can be extended to patients of all ages. If you need dental care, for whatever reason, you’ll most likely visit a general dentist first; once they examine your teeth and gums and take x-rays, they’ll either be able to recommend a particular course of treatment or advise you to see a specialist if the issue requires it.

What education is needed for a general dentist?

To become a certified dentist, an individual must complete an undergraduate degree and then additional training in dentistry school which can several years especially if they’re interested in specializing. In either case, they’ll receive hands-on, clinical training with patients to help broaden their knowledge and experience. Once they write and pass a national exam, they’ll be officially licensed and free to practice and help patients.

What services does a general dentist provide?

One of the great things about seeing a general dentist near you is that they’re capable of providing you with extremely effective care – it doesn’t matter if you’re coming in for an emergency visit or a routine one.

The following list describes just some of the many processes and procedures that a general dentist is qualified to conduct:

• Checkups and oral cancer screenings.
• Teeth cleanings, which involves the administration of fluoride and taking x-rays.
• Sedation dentistry.
• Installing and repairing dental fillings.
• Placing dental bridges, crowns, implants, and dentures.
• Root canal therapy.
• Tooth extractions.
• Teeth whitening, veneers, and bonding.
• Providing emergency dentistry such as repairing smiles with fragmented and missing teeth.
• Promote and spread dental education, such as how to properly brush and floss, and ways to prevent dental problems from arising.

If you’re interested in collecting more information about any of these treatments, don’t hesitate to speak to your dentist in Devon. They’ll be happy to walk you through the process from start to finish so you know what to expect.

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At Devon Dental Associates, we offer convenient and reliable general dentistry near you. Brand-new and returning patients are all encouraged to come in and talk to our dental team whenever they need care. You and your oral health is important to us; we’ll do everything we can to ensure that we get your smile back to functioning normally and looking nothing less than beautiful.

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